Marine Shafting & Components

Williams Machine Works has an extensive amount of experience in the marine industry dealing with both government and commercial vessels since 1958. Our experience allows us to be proficient in everything from the refurbishment of pre-existing parts to large-scale manufacturing of brand new propulsion shafts and components.

Restoration Services

We specialize in restoring propulsion shafts to government standards and drawing specifications, including making them. Williams Machine Works conducts rigorous inspections to determine what repair work should be completed, eliminating excess time and cost for your enterprise. In our industry we are known worldwide as a one stop machine shop. We can not only fix your shaft to get you back and running, but if your propellers are also damaged we can take care of that too.

If you have identified early signs of cavitation damage, we can pre-machine the worn area, metal spray to rebuild them, and then re-machine it back to its original dimension.